new in the shop!!!

finally - here it is! the new birdie postcard, made with the stamps i made a while ago (see below;)
perfect for birthday or - as each day is a day to BE - just for everyday's pleasure (you will meet this little Be birdie later soon on different occasions ...)

and i also promised earlier to make BIG SiebenMorgen Souvenirs, big surprise bags, and here they are!! filled to the rim with handprinted paper goodies, such as a postcard+envelope, 2 little greeting cards, 2 gifttags, handprinted stickers and origami papercrane.
all contents were carefully chosen to make a lovely match and each bag is a unique blend of little SiebenMorgen delights. you'll find them in my dawanda shop ... there are more to come

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Anonym hat gesagt…

these are great!

Silverdale florist

tinee hat gesagt…

thank you, arlene :D