Casa Guapa de Tamuziga /Essaouira, Maroc

Here's something special I want to share with you: A friend of mine, the sweet Nadine, who I met some years ago at the place where I have my studio, has told me many times before about the house she has bought in Essaouira, Maroc, and which she was rebuilding with lots of efforts into a guest house. She has a website now and I was amazed to see what a beauty she created! The Casa Guapa de Tamuziga (which is the old name of Essaouira) is a real treasure, wonderful, individually decorated appartements, with lots of care and love for details, maroccan styles, colours, tiles, furniture.... a gorgeous terrace, where's also a small appartement to rent and an artist studio in the basement to come, where her boyfriend Tibari shows his crafts and art. So if you are ever looking for a super charming, affordable, familiar and really special place with the best service by lovely Nadine (she's an angel, for real!) to spend your holidays in Maroc, this would be my first choice.

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