borsellina - bags and more

borsellina is the label of my dear friend tabéa and she has just launched her brandnew summer line of beautiful unique bags, buttons and patches! i especially love this leopard design and it's fresh color blend and pattern (it's also available in other colors - but hands off the creamy one! will be mine when i've received the next pay check;) there are never more than 5 bags of each design and each is individual. check out her stuff!

borsellina also has a shop on dawanda:


give and take

found the adorable little girl and boy stamp recently at a sale out and they inspired me to this new set of postcards. i like how the fine, delicate black lines stand out to the bold, pale letters..

(soon to be listed)


isn't that one of the cutest rabbits?? i've discovered this wonderful felt pin in marga.marina's shop on dawanda. Please check it out, there's much more cute stuff to love!!


she has also started a blog recently, which looks veeerrry promising:



the trouble of choice

49 colors, 49 papers, 49 knives.............i have this pouch since i've been little (well, not that i've grown THAT much..), nowadays i carry my knives in it. and i totally agree with snoopy, the more flavours, the more possibilities you have! happy new perspectives opening up everywhere! so, which one to follow??

i have stocked up with supplies, new inks, stamp materials, paper, etc pp. and now i'm stuck within. it's very inspiring to have all this new stuff on hands, so i always get lost in whatelsestodo, i could try this and that or maybe do something like this...it's neverending!! like an addiction! and s o much fun! as an excuse for my day and night shifts i can say, that i had to pre-work some stuff, as i'm leaving for london on thursday. another event manager job. if it wasn't for the money, i would say: i have better things to do :)

49 colors, 49 inks, 49 stamps, 49 birds, 49 flowers, 49 panda bears, 49 mint leaves, 49 littlest greeting cards. i could not decide for one design so i made them all different in all variations.
you find them any day in my shops... see you there or here next week.

enjoy the flavour of the day!


blue wanda

.....oh and i finally made new prints of wanda, the sweetest little aardvark ever ^_^

work sleep work

it's been quiet a while since my last post - and phhhew, i wonder where i should start now, so much stuff going on !! my shops keep me busy, i'm producing like hell and creating new and more new things everyday. today i can feel it in my bones and i am soo tired. i don't know weekends anymore...

here are some 'old news' from the studio:

thats a new couple of hey bunnies collages! i loooove the gray tones combined with the coral pink. i call them 'raindrops/waiting for'. will list them on etsy later on...

a new style of small moleskines! i have used beautiful japanese papertape on these, comes out really nice! already listed on dawanda.

to make life even more complete, the sun was shining bright the last few weeks, so i spent some time in the garden, planting, watering, seeding, i love it! and the garden is superbeautiful, a real pleasure to wake up every morning and go outside for a cup of coffee between the blossoms and birds.
no need for umbrellas. they are patiently waiting for in rain in front of the door.

the house was already pink and blue when we came there. i can't imagine it any different now. through the little window you can see the lilac tree hugging the elder tree. they are guarding our little house from bad spritis ;)

so far so good. now i'm off to the studio again, working on a big multi-layered linocut print, a comission work for a calendar. my hands and shoulder are already wrecked and hurt, but i enjoy the challenge and I can't wait to see my first test print results! but patience first- and lots of work.