new moleskines to love

enjoy some apples....

or many many pandas! these are so precious, i love the beautiful fabric ribbons! they make the whole pack so tender and neat! need to make more like these. ..and just right after i listed them the panda one was gone. thanks tabea ;)


GOODIE day !!!

Today has been the goodie day! First, I have worked the whole day on making little goodie bags, for promotional use by the lovely DaWanda people. They are promoting DaWanda.com at the Designer Mart and the Loft Designer Market in Dublin and will take some of my goodies with them. So thanks for promoting my shop!
I had so much fun making these and can't wait to make some more...

( if you are happen to be in Dublin, stick around and get one! ;)

..and DaWanda is really great! it works! already! i made number 1 (!) in 3 of the DaWanda trend lists today! YEAY!! i'm so happy! now i just have to hit number 1 in the most sales list, too, that would be quiet nice ;)

(then i could afford some computer lessons to learn how to post a picture of a web without having to photograph it..stupid me :(

...BUT..everything got even better when the mailman knocked my door. he was gone until i opened up, but kindly left a surprise package from my dear friend tabéa on the doorstep. yippie!
inside were all these yummy goodies, japanese candies (even with rilakkuma bear, the relax bear i love him!) , a hellokitty suprise egg, and the best, some of her lovely fabric patches!! She makes them from her great collection of fabric treasures and this time she kindly selected all my japanese favourites for my pleasure. soO cute! thank you, tabéa! and i hope you will help me sewing them on ... you know my sewing skills (none)! ^_^

check out her lovely bags and other fancy stuff at: www.borsellina.dawanda.com
or www.borsellina.de


inside the fuchspanzers studio

this is thinned oil color on wood. my dear friend weiny gave me the little puppet. since its there, i had no need to finish the painting. consider it done!

this is a detail of an unfinished painting on canvas. i like this state so much, i don't dare to progress with my work on it. maybe i should leave it like this.

i spent the whole day in my bright and sunny studio, working on a little surprise for my big love. his birthday is next week and therefore i can't tell and show. psht! ;)

some of my friends from the studio area (an abandoned train station with old waggons as studios, i work in the old train station house, real messy, but mine!) came for a visit and lightened up my day. it has been a very inspiring day!

here are some impressions from the things on my studio wall...

hihi hoho haha

made these yesterday! so much fun! love the owl and her kinda stupid look, but little piggy is funny, too.

big gray clouds are hiding behind the shining sun and i am off to the studio -right now.

in my garden

i wish it would be so warm outside, that i can sit underneath the lilac tree, listen to the bird songs and watch them bees nipping on pink plum blossoms... sigh


more postcards, more tags...

hey, that lovebird stamp made nice postcards and gift tags, too! i like the new blossom and leaves stamps a lot. i cut them real quick and they are simple, but great to combine. what do you think?

available in my dawanda shop www.siebenmorgen.dawanda.com


MAERZBLUETEN//charms + jewels

hi, my name is busy bee and i can't keep my hands still !

allright allright, i did it again: the little girl inside of me has to admit, that she has a slight weakness for all things GLITTER, not as bad as mariah carey (yak!), but .... some shimmer is just nice!
so yeah, i made this new earrings and bracelets with the pearls my sweet sister conny gave me for last years christmas. at night, when all the print work is done, i put out my fancy boxes full with shiny treasures, gold, pearls, beads and whatnot. its fun! this time i even made extra stamps for creating a matching gift card, so its a all inclusive, yet very exclusive package. every little lucky charm bracelet is delicately wrapped in a handfolded japanese orisue, a classic origami box, which was traditionally used for keeping the precious silk threads for the kimonos.
i have put those on my dawanda shop, there is category called "Maerzensangelegenheiten" whcih means something like " all things March" (!?), and i thought they fit in theier perfectly!


FLY AWAY with me

oh i just discovered: it must be a theme ! come away, fly away, with me...what comes next? roll with me, rock with me?! haha... i made THIS One some weeks ago with a linoprint of my favourite rabbit, the follow me bunny. he was inspired by a little silk plush bunny i have brought from kyoto and i lOve him! the yellow paper is from a chinese calligraphy exercise book and i like the mathematic aspect it adds to the whole thing. i'm gonna keep that for a while..

come with me

it is so windy outside. sunny, cloudy, rainy.....everything goes. i hope today i will find something nice in my mailbox, besides bills and brochures ( oh, lovely alliteration;)

maybe i'll make new aceos like this one above. it is an older little stamp collage which i enhanced a little. or maybe i start building that tree. or make new prints. or anything! must go.



aight....yawn...i am ssoooO tired...worked like crazy the whole day, my fingers are numb, but here is some new stuff. i love the little panda!

and some vintage gift tags with funky fellow pedro the penguin!

what do you say?



yesterday i took a little walk in my home surroundings, before my head would explode and make a mess all over my desk. so i followed my favourite path: first i pass the cemetery, but did not enter, which i usually do. too much shadow, i wanted to stay in the sun, as its freaking cold at the moment. icy almost! then i circled the huge stammheim prison, a state penitentary that got its fame from the RAF terror processes in the 70ties. Its placed, whereelse, in the Land of SiebenMorgen and the favourite walking path leads around it. Its obscene! the path leads to another area called Emerholz and there are many many little gardens, full with apple and pear trees, little huts, blossoming bushes, magnolias, birches and evergreens. the birds love it there and once you blend out the distant sound of the autobahn, its like a concert of birds. finches, sparrows, crows, robins, the little blue tomtit which i love so much, happy squirrels runnig up and down the trees - for me its like fairytale. well, there are no barb wire fences surrounding the little paradises in fairytale land, but i just ignore them. people here have a strong need for security i guess or even more and simple, to build up a fence to be separated from the others. to show what is their ground. anyway, i liKe to walk around there, its an image for being home in land before time. even though you get suspicious looks if you jus stop to look and enjoy or if you pick up blossoms or whatever. maybe hey thing this girl is a creep, standing there for no purpose watching birds. or:uhhh, she's getting her shoes all dirty, tsts! well, on my way back i found next to horse court under an old apple tree the first little violets!! i could not believe my eyes, its very early and way too cold actually, but of course i could not resist and picked some. they smell sooo incredibly good! spring is here.



as i am not very creative today, just illin and chillin (harhar), i like you to meet some of my best friends: here you have mr. bunny, who i recently met at www.emeraldbumblee.dawanda.com, hosting a afternoon tea party for my bukubuku allstars and the weird frog.

in case you don't know bukubuku yet, here's a little story to tell: two winters ago i have met a little spanish girl with the most beautiful fawn-like eyes in my seasonal shop at the christmas market, near my studio. she came with all her amigurumi friends, sweet little brooches and whatnot and i was totally AMAZED how much love for the detail and respect for the material she gave to her handmade little treasures. i had so far never seen something like this before and so she totally got me addicted to cute stuff and, of course, her lovely work. the way she packs and wraps and treats her things are in a very japanese way . the wrapping is as worthy as its content. everything is just puuuurrrfect!! i fell in love with her ever since...
so, on this pic she has made the little pear bear and miss pinky fuzz, as well as the little chicken in his nest. she also got me into this blog thing and i thank her for that! please meet her at:


concerning the weird frog: my friend ute gave him to me. i guess he was crocheted by an old german lady at a charity basar, way before the word amigurumi was spread. but, yeah, the other crochet chreatures have accepted him for one of them. party on, guys!!


ahhh, dou you see this? it looks nice, right? its the view from my desk into my little garden .what you don't see are the little icy crystals called snowflakes flying through the air from time to time. they give me a bad headache! no inspiration at all.... maybe i should fill the little birdhouses with seeds and just watch them go picky picky..

MOO minicards

look what i found in the mail today: my first order of minimoocards. and mini they are! tiny tiny mini. but i like em. i think they are sweet as little things to send with the orders, but this would be the first time i send out something NOT handmade! well, i think of them more a mouthwatering business card. and you see clearly that i have to improve my photoshop abilities, but well, can't be perfect in everything. oh and - yes, sorry, there was no time for manicure. i'm a crafty girl with messed up nails.



aaaaahhhh this is sooooooOO cool: i just opened the mail box and found the march/april issue of australian frankie magazine with my poster in it! the hey bunnies are a centerfold now, HAHA!!

thats so awesome! the print came out great, i don't even dare to take it out yet. it looks sooo good.

and the best is: same issue features......KIM GORDON from Sonic youth. unbelievable, me and kim in one mag..haha! i feel honored. good company, also christina ricci is in.

check out the web:



have you slept well? my head is giving me a hard time, it feels big and heavy. maybe the spring weather. before i hop to the shower look here, i had major fun with making these little sticker bags! they are filled with those little paper stickers, you have to moist on the back like stamps for a letter. we call them "spuckis", like "spit-ons"... each single sticker is handpunched and handprinted, some of them with even more than just one stamp. but i am not sure if i can sell this....
anyway, ITS FUN!


welcome spring!

my oh my, this has been a stormy weekend!! nonetheless the first narcissus started blooming today, right in the first days of march. so lovely!

yesterday i have been to munich to pick some of my artwork from a little gallery who did a show with me last year. afterwards j and me went to see the mark rothko show in the kunsthalle and, what can i say, his paintings are beautiful beautiful beautiful! sublime and inspiring. i wanted to start painting immediately and thats also why today i am hanging on my desk for hours already.
the only thing that really bothered me was the kunsthalle itself. the rooms are quiet nice actually, but the presentation of rothkos work- i don't know. too many paintings in one room, lot of concetration gets lost when you have to hover between all the audioguided art tourists, get distracted by screened life history and loud coffeehouse sounds from the lobby. to look at art has to be great entertainement today, spectacular, media enhanced etc pp. IT SUCKS! as if the paintings were not speaking for themselves. anyway, tomorrow i will go to the studio and paint!

today, i'll post some new fresh spring stuff in my shops! made this little notebooks with a lot of love for detail, hope somebody else will like them, too ..