new banner!!

(as seen above) .hmmm, i thought it was time for something fresh and new.
sooo..what do you think?!?!

interview on jodii - about the handmade

i got interviewed by lovely sophie from jodii ! check out her great blog and read the interview right here...
thanks, sophie!



finally i got to play with the button maker machine i got for christmas last year. or was it my birthday?! anyway, i made a whole bunch of buttons with the siebenmorgen all stars, the most popular characters from my stamp universe: pedro the penguin, flo the fox and of course the lovebird.. all handprinted. get them before they're gone!!


the red robin print

5-color linocut print, cut earlier last year and after a few alterations finally printed in december 2008. numbered edition of 70 on creamy handmade kahari paper, A5 size. now available in shops!


some "new" collages from last year

a starlit tomit, made as all the other collages for the winterleuchten show and soon available im my dawanda shop!

horch im regen - listen to the rain. original linocut collage,15x15cm, 6x6inches, now in my dawanda shop.

blue wanda - original linocut and vintage papers on canvas covered cardstock. sold!


back on track in 2009

well- now, it has been a reeeeeaally long time since my last post, this blog is so outdated it's a shame! sorry for that. first, i hope you all had a good start to the new year! second, let's go back in time and see what happened:

last time i have posted i was all soaked up in the winterleuchten mania, preparing for the annual christmas market, making new prints, collages, souvenirs, getting order in my stuff, labeling, pricing, packing etc. two days before the show i was installing the shop in the winterleuchten art hut, giving interviews to the newspapers, freezing my ass off, the excitement rising higher with every hour. the next day, though, which was also my birthday and which was meant to collect last resources and energies for the upcoming weekend, started way off track: i was sent to the hospital in an emergency and they kept me in for 4 days. DRAMA!! this meant i missed the whole winterleuchten action!!! an event that was planned and organized for months, an event to which i have counted the days from the last winterleuchten on and worked so hard for.....damn, i can tell you, this was quiet a shock!!!
so surreal to stay in bed while my friends and family took care of the whole action just a few kilometres away from the hospital and i had a really hard time to realize this and be practically out of control. this was nuts!
my friends brought me winterleuchten food in the evening, pictures and stories to tell and i can' t be more thankful for having such great people around me, who gave all their energy, love and effort to make this last winterleuchten happen.
thank god, my health was not in too big danger, too. i probably had overestimated my superhero powers (haha) and as i am not alone in my banging body anymore (another HAHA), i had to cut low, stay in bed and keep my feet quiet. since then, the troll in my belly is growing steadily and i had to learn NOT to be a workaholic. imagine! life can be cruel ... ;)

so here are some pictures (thanks, j!) and some more here on my flickr.

thanks from the heart to j my love, my little sister conny and matze, to weiny and mo, chris, christoph, tabea and fab, and all the awesome yard people, who made the winterleuchten2008 another blast! i love you all ....

to all you lovely people out there: all the best for the new year 2009, may your life be blessed and your garden full of flowers...i thank you for all your support and for making 2008 such a bless for me. DANKE!!!