oh what a start in the day! this morning i went outside to enjoy my first cup of coffee, to water the plants and to be heavily shocked! i almost stepped on some little half naked bird baby, soon to be grilled by the burning sun. i called for j, who jumped out of bed, very alarmed (guess i had my"eek big spider"-voice) and still sleepy, but he saved the little fellow and put him back in the nest, where we found three other hungry guys waiting for worms. the poor bird parents, they freaked out! they look quiet anorexic, while the babies grow fat and fatter. no wonder one dropped out of the nest! but mombird and dadbird calmed down then and went back to the nest feeding. phew! i hope i pray they'll make it! it's the second nest in the garden, the first babies, born and raised in the elder tree, are teenagers already and steal all my strawberries! let's all hope they will have a happy and worm rich bird life ..

they can have all my strawberries.....

...and dip their toes in the minipond. i hope they can swim. no drowning please!


foxy notes

here's another sweet souvenir for all you paperlovers out there! last week i have created like 10 new stamps, including 3 fox stamps and this one is my favourite. printed on a little muji notepad, to remind you of all things you should note before you forget them :)

a thing i urgently need myself, as i am still struggling to get my life arranged in a business as usual order. today was more a whatnext?-day, i woke up quiet messy, like i have slept in a tent on some chaotic camping site. hot and steamy outside, even with the heavy early morning rain, damp and sweaty inside. i could not concentrate on anything. plus i was slightly pissed today by some guy on dawanda, for whom i have made a custom order print a while ago and who took not only the idea, but even the title for a print of his own. well, finally it happened to me, too! obviously it happens a lot. but well, i am a professional and no hobby artist and you see the difference, too. i guess my work has its own handwriting all over it and there are millions of bird prints and whatnot in the world and so many talented artists, who create much more beautiful work than i do. somebody even tried to remake my panda stamp and postcards, but well .. i like mine better, i got the skills ;)
sorry for the arrogance, but i needed to motivate myself a bit right now.
it's a great thing to inspire people, ideas are for free and vanish the instant moment they are born.
so, my note for myself today: i still have the original in my hands. in times of the internet how can you keep your copyright anyway?!


moo batch #3

the thing with moo is, you always have to order another batch, as you are never a hundert percent satisfied with the result. you think, damn, i should have chosen the other motif or maybe try this or that, as this one comes out really great and that one and and... well, its not cheap, but for indecisive people like me perfect, you can switch designs and get new ones all the time. and they go like hot buns anyway...



yippieh ay hey, the summer is back!! at least it looks like this gonna be a bright sunny day and i have sunshine in my heart already ;)

soo, well, to the studio i should go, work on the comission print for the calendar, get scared again by the lurking hippie, hide behind the door, try to ignore all things disturbing. BUT. sun is shining. garden looks soo nice. birds are singing. bees are humming. flowers blooming. i could sit in the backyard next to the minipond and carve on that new signature stamp out of stone for my friend harry. plus! my little sister and her better half are coming for visit this afternoon. they go to see KISS live here in stuttgart (dunno where thatz coming from!). so... should i stay or should i go??


new prints and books in the shops

the sound of silence, as seen below ;) two layered linocut, colored with ink, edition of 50.

alter Hase (ye olde hare ;) , handstamped miniprint, handcolored with ink. made this stamp and many other new ones last week. there's more to come...

blue vineyard notebook, one of many new handprinted little journals.....also featuring one of the new handcut stamps.

here comes my weekend! hope you have a happy one, too!!

poppytalk feature

yay, i'm featured on the amazing poppytalk blog, check it out:



home work

last saturday i have rearranged my work space at home, it was so necessary! my house and its rooms are tinytiny, so i have to use each inch of space very wisely. my boards, drawers, boxes were nearly to explode! i could move all that stuff to my studio at the nordbahnhof, too, but as sure as i love it there, it's surely not a place i have big faith in.
first, no way to store fine paper goods, too humid, too dusty. and second, i don't trust my roomies at all. my studio rooms are on a second floor appartement of the old train station house, where some people illegally live instead of legally work. it's such a messed up place, a perfect place for artists studios, but living there?! well..
sometimes this is really getting on my nerves, sucking my energy, time, spirits. i wish i could afford another, professionel studio this size, where i don't intrude some hippiesque lifestyle with my way of daily work and nobody intrudes mine. but rents here in stuttgart are horribly high! so, all my hopes are on the renovation of the barn in my backyard and the printing studio that hopefully will develop there.

so, i enjoy my newly arranged home desk a lot!! and now, concentrate and off to the studio, theres still some serious printing to be done.


the sound of silence

f i n a l l y !!! a day without ANY disturbance at the studio, no annoying roomies and their bored children, no bored anybodys!, no phone calls, silly cats and rummaging neighbours! i did it. kept the door close and found the peace to work on a brandnew edition of horch! prints.

take a look:

the birds stop singing, night breaks in, the first stars lit the sky and horch listens..... can you hear the silence?!

printed with two blocks and colors on handmade kahari paper. will ink his little body later when the prints have dried. think maybe an edition of 50, i have printed 25 so far. my shoulder is already wrecked, as i also reprinted the horch! miniprint manymany times. little fella horch has so many fans in the world ;)

eek! whats hiding their under my print desk?? it's big old wanda, a life sized brush painting i did 2 years ago. wanda was then cut out and pasted on the side of the soup wagon, which we installed for the yearly yardfestival two years ago, and where i have sold gallons of homemade soup. yummy yummy screw! then we cut her out again, incl. some parts of the soup wagon, and there she is, hiding ;)