yardfestival 2008

here we go again!! it's time for the annual yardfestival at the waggons at nordbahnhof stuttgart, the last anarchist and freeminded resort in town. haha, well in real, we are very stubborn and not a little freeminded at all....BUT - for 3 days we forget everything and celebrate the finest independent music mania, party galore, art, installations, theater, shops, graffiti, performance, food, drinks, lights and sounds.. all happening in and around the old train waggons at nordbahnhof stuttgart. this time may be the last yardfestival for ever! so take the chance and get there, DO NOT MISS THE CIRCUS!!!!

SiebenMorgen will host the Einkaufswagen again, the shop waggon, where original art and souvenirs from the yard artists are available....only there.

find out more and all at www.yardfestival.com



4 weeks ago, my internet provider decided to cut me off the line without further notice and reason. after the first shock of being offline (imagine!) we spent hours and hours in the terror of service hotlines to find out why and whats going on. a crazy mess went on, but I am way too tired to explain this whole crap again, it really got on my nerves so bad and i had to explain it over and over again to hundreds of incompetent call agents. so annoying. you can imagine. and still not solved to my sufficience.

but at least, i'm back online!! sorry for my long absence! i totally lost my daily routine and could not work my shops as i wanted to, i had so much new stuff to list....and so much other stuff to do....

so, being offline gave me some time to finally paint the kitchen wall. it's cosy, no?

aaaaand ..... we've decided to invite two little friends to live with us! please meet...

keks and shogo!

keks is cookie in german, she's cute like caramel candy! and likes to eat - a lot!
shogo is japanese for strong warrior and suits the black panther well. she's a hunter, a samurai cat. together they're like yin and yang, shadow and light ... a chocolate cookie with cream filling ;)

be back soon with news from the printmaking studio...... happy weekend all of you!