new in the shop - spring fresh gift tags!

believe it or not - spring is here!! the first narcisses and violets are blooming in my garden and tomorrow i'll pick a little bouquet of spring scent for my desk.

in the meantime, i made some new sets of gift tags for the shop, fruity and fresh, handcut, -punched and -printed. hope you'll enjoy!



oh my, when the sun comes out for just a minute, you get a short glance of spring! even though it was snowing again just minutes ago. my garden, so promising..


the gasometer print IV

these photos are from the last printing session in the studio. i have finally printed the last examples of the gasometer print, a commisson work i made for a stuttgart2009 calendar. remember, in july last year i was all busy with cutting and printing these...read more here
this 5 color linocut print in almost A2 size on handmade japanese kitakata paper was quiet a challenge and has cost me a lot of time and nerves. especially the last block with all the fine lines was very hard to print. i don't know if it would have been any easier with the use of a press, but pulling the prints by hand also allows a very accentuated and detailled way of printing. maybe the press would have smeared the fine lines in places i didn't want them to be..

i should post a better photo or scan of this anyway..

the calendar features 12 other stuttgart themed works by different well known artists from stuttgart and i am very thankful to be a part. unfortunately, the calendar was not available for public, but there's also a edition of 25 ( yes, 25 original hand pulled prints) available and from each print sold 70% go to the release art fund, which really is a good cause. if you are interested just send me a note or leave your comment...

by the way, spring is slowly crawling underneath the cold to southern germany, perfect weather to catch a cold, which, of course, i did too. never miss a trend ;)

wish you all nice beginning of the week..


this was that: bye bye studio!

last friday was a black day. i moved all my stuff from my studio, emptied and abandoned it completely and for good. this was anything else than easy for me and i cried a river. but - i am also glad that it's done and over. soon, i won't be able to move and work as i was used to and i certainly won't be for the first months of being a mother. still, i feel like amputated, no more printing (at the moment!!), no hide away, no workspace. sigh.
i loved these shabby, messed up rooms, so bright and full of light, my first real rented studio! it was not perfect, not at all, but i was glad i had the chance to be there. the whole yard is changing somehow and it seems like all is coming to a sad end soon...time is up.
anyway, it makes sense to spare the rent for the upcoming non-working months and then to find a new place, which hopefully will be a little more professional and where i can take my baby to. this was no place for nursing...
now i have all my printing blocks, inks, papers, canvasses etc at home, which funnily also feels good! i could (!) start printing right away, just need to find a little free space somewhere, haha.
i am so looking forward to all the upcoming changes and new things to happen. change is always good and exciting!


the *morgenwald* print

this linocut was inspired by a little, very very charming japanese woodcut print postcard a friend sent me a few years ago. i loved the little print so much that i wanted to make a big, poster sized version of it, to get a real landscape, panoramic print and test out my cutting skills, of course. so intersting structures! i have cut it for my own pleasure first then, and only printed some test sheets, some in combination with older gasometer prints of mine.
last december then, when i was printing the winterleuchten poster, i found the block again and in the mood for printing BIG STUFF , i thought this could make a nice poster print for friends of printmaking. So, this is now an edition of 25, available in my dawanda shop.