new in the shop!!!

finally - here it is! the new birdie postcard, made with the stamps i made a while ago (see below;)
perfect for birthday or - as each day is a day to BE - just for everyday's pleasure (you will meet this little Be birdie later soon on different occasions ...)

and i also promised earlier to make BIG SiebenMorgen Souvenirs, big surprise bags, and here they are!! filled to the rim with handprinted paper goodies, such as a postcard+envelope, 2 little greeting cards, 2 gifttags, handprinted stickers and origami papercrane.
all contents were carefully chosen to make a lovely match and each bag is a unique blend of little SiebenMorgen delights. you'll find them in my dawanda shop ... there are more to come

SiebenMorgen feature on Modish blog!!

my dawanda shop has been featured on the wonderful modish blog, check it out:


so nice to receive such great feedback and support. thanks to all you siebenmorgen friends out there!


time cats

wow, time flies when you are having fun....indeed! its more than a week gone since my last post, so many things happened! my comission print is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!

it came out great, but was SO hard to print. i messed up 50% of all prints with the last block, a pity, but theres no other way to do it. i felt so much pressure while printing and was pretty nervous, too, but needed to stay focused and calm, concentrated and decisive. i tried to work the samurai way - take your decision within seven breaths... and it helped a lot! on tuesday i felt like getting a fever, headache, cold, everything at once. i am used to this kinda "body behaviour" or physical reaction, i usually get real sick two days before opening a show or ,like this time, before submission date.

oh and in the meantime, while the prints were drying, i made some new collages with the black cat, white cat print. i love it! better than the original print....want to do more like these, but have to reprint cats, first. this one is listed in my dawanda shop.

hope you had a nice week, enjoy the rest of the weekend!


rewind: last week

last sunday, it started to rain, so i stayed inside and spent some time at the work desk, for pure pleasure. this is what came out of it, a new bird stamp and bubble for B day cards and else. i also made new birdie moleskines and little note cards, i love the new stamp! will post some pictures of all when they are ready for the shops..and when i find the time !

on monday, the sun was shining bright again, hot summer day. i totally overslept because stayed up too long working at my desk, so i was late for the studio. no good start when you have important things to do..

but.. it was sunny and bright at the studio, too, perfect for printmaking! and - after many many hours, i finally succeded and finished the printing blocks for the comission print. i spent the last few days with printing, testing out colours, finding the right tones, papers, inks.... it's giving me quiet a pressure, submission date is getting closer. the five layers are not easy to print, especially the last one, which is only a handful of fine lines , going all over a A3 format block, and after days and hours of printing, it's hard to stay always a 100% concentrated. but today, finally, i found the perfect match, colorwise, and tomorrow i'll find the perfect paper match. the print will first appear in a 2009 calendar among other print work by different artists and i guess this is the only sneak preview you will get. sorry! ;)

THE souvenir from siebenmorgen

finally in the shops: the siebenmorgen surprise bag with a colorful mix up of the finest handprinted papergoodies!! for all who want get a little taste of all 49 siebenmorgen flavours, but can't decide which first... each bag is different, collect them all ;)

p.s.: it took me waaayy too long to finally get these done, wanted to do it way earlier and now, i promise, the big BIG supersized surprise bag will come soon, too....


fridge magnets from siebenmorgen!

a brandnew souvenir! i had so much fun when i finally found out what to do with my moo stickers, which i have ordered with my first batch of moo cards last year and was not very impressed with. well, if you know the original print of e.g. the blue tomit, there's no comparison to the teeny tiny moo sticker print. another disturbing thing was how they were arranged on the sticker sheets, in no good order, colorwise, motif wise. should have thought of this before ordering...they were not ideal as stickers. ANYWAY, while shopping for supplies some weeks ago, i found that magnet foil in the store and thought - aha! that might be something. So i rearranged, tried it out and thats the result!
it's the first time i sell something NOT handprinted, but reproduced and i hesitated quiet a long time before listing them in my shop. but i like the whole package so much, i think its a nice little, collectible souvenir from siebenmorgen. what do you think?

3 different sets available in my dawanda shopette.
made only 2 of each.


wild flowers

every time i go outside i get lost in the garden. every time i discover something new, new flowers, fresh in bloom, colours, shapes, smells...... the last days have been summerly nice, but windy, with lots of heavy clouds but only little rain. perfect for wrapping a light blanket around you, have some peppermint tea (fresh from the garden) with lemon and read a book on the cosy deckchair in the backyard. listen to the wind...

but nothing like this is happening. i am working at the desk from morning to late at night. i made many many new lovely things for the shops (soon to be posted) and i patiently cut inch per inch on the comissioned linocut. it's a real big format, 5 layers, which means five printing plates and it has to be finished until julY 31, it will appear in a 2009 calendar among some big named artists. i am the only small no-named fish in this pond. i was really lucky to get this comission, a great opportunity. but high pressure of course, too. can't make any mistakes now, time is too short, work very concentrated, slowly, exactly.

anyway, hope the sun is shining near your home, enjoy your day!


new postcards !

made these little houses stamps and postcard sets yesterday night, maybe thats why i have overslept way too long this morning. my head feels damp like the rainy (finally rain!) weather outside. the garden is very thankful, though. d a h e i m , by the way, means home/at home in german.

already in a stamping mood, i also made these little greeting cards with flo the fox:

ain't no need to stay inside

oh my, i wish i could spend the whole day outside in the garden! everything is in full bloom, scents of strawberries, lavender, fresh green in the air - and baby birds that learn how to fly... i LOVE it!


new prints and souvenirs

ay, i am quiet proud of this new titmouse print !! well, the print is actually not new, but the ink and composition is as fresh as running water. it took several tries to figure out how to place the ink around my favourite little bird and after i had already ruined like ten or so prints, finally this one came out great !!

this inspired me to make more new stuff: i was thinking about more assorted gifttag sets and with all the new stamps i made lately, there were so many options! so i decided to make a floral, summerfresh set of gift tags:

and, because everybody including myself liked the little fox so much, here's a set of 5 different fox in the woods themed tags. hope you enjoy!

listed on dawanda already!