rewind: last week

last sunday, it started to rain, so i stayed inside and spent some time at the work desk, for pure pleasure. this is what came out of it, a new bird stamp and bubble for B day cards and else. i also made new birdie moleskines and little note cards, i love the new stamp! will post some pictures of all when they are ready for the shops..and when i find the time !

on monday, the sun was shining bright again, hot summer day. i totally overslept because stayed up too long working at my desk, so i was late for the studio. no good start when you have important things to do..

but.. it was sunny and bright at the studio, too, perfect for printmaking! and - after many many hours, i finally succeded and finished the printing blocks for the comission print. i spent the last few days with printing, testing out colours, finding the right tones, papers, inks.... it's giving me quiet a pressure, submission date is getting closer. the five layers are not easy to print, especially the last one, which is only a handful of fine lines , going all over a A3 format block, and after days and hours of printing, it's hard to stay always a 100% concentrated. but today, finally, i found the perfect match, colorwise, and tomorrow i'll find the perfect paper match. the print will first appear in a 2009 calendar among other print work by different artists and i guess this is the only sneak preview you will get. sorry! ;)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

So inspiring to read about your progress. Good luck with finishing the comission work!