time cats

wow, time flies when you are having fun....indeed! its more than a week gone since my last post, so many things happened! my comission print is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!

it came out great, but was SO hard to print. i messed up 50% of all prints with the last block, a pity, but theres no other way to do it. i felt so much pressure while printing and was pretty nervous, too, but needed to stay focused and calm, concentrated and decisive. i tried to work the samurai way - take your decision within seven breaths... and it helped a lot! on tuesday i felt like getting a fever, headache, cold, everything at once. i am used to this kinda "body behaviour" or physical reaction, i usually get real sick two days before opening a show or ,like this time, before submission date.

oh and in the meantime, while the prints were drying, i made some new collages with the black cat, white cat print. i love it! better than the original print....want to do more like these, but have to reprint cats, first. this one is listed in my dawanda shop.

hope you had a nice week, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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