wild flowers

every time i go outside i get lost in the garden. every time i discover something new, new flowers, fresh in bloom, colours, shapes, smells...... the last days have been summerly nice, but windy, with lots of heavy clouds but only little rain. perfect for wrapping a light blanket around you, have some peppermint tea (fresh from the garden) with lemon and read a book on the cosy deckchair in the backyard. listen to the wind...

but nothing like this is happening. i am working at the desk from morning to late at night. i made many many new lovely things for the shops (soon to be posted) and i patiently cut inch per inch on the comissioned linocut. it's a real big format, 5 layers, which means five printing plates and it has to be finished until julY 31, it will appear in a 2009 calendar among some big named artists. i am the only small no-named fish in this pond. i was really lucky to get this comission, a great opportunity. but high pressure of course, too. can't make any mistakes now, time is too short, work very concentrated, slowly, exactly.

anyway, hope the sun is shining near your home, enjoy your day!

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