the sound of silence

f i n a l l y !!! a day without ANY disturbance at the studio, no annoying roomies and their bored children, no bored anybodys!, no phone calls, silly cats and rummaging neighbours! i did it. kept the door close and found the peace to work on a brandnew edition of horch! prints.

take a look:

the birds stop singing, night breaks in, the first stars lit the sky and horch listens..... can you hear the silence?!

printed with two blocks and colors on handmade kahari paper. will ink his little body later when the prints have dried. think maybe an edition of 50, i have printed 25 so far. my shoulder is already wrecked, as i also reprinted the horch! miniprint manymany times. little fella horch has so many fans in the world ;)

eek! whats hiding their under my print desk?? it's big old wanda, a life sized brush painting i did 2 years ago. wanda was then cut out and pasted on the side of the soup wagon, which we installed for the yearly yardfestival two years ago, and where i have sold gallons of homemade soup. yummy yummy screw! then we cut her out again, incl. some parts of the soup wagon, and there she is, hiding ;)

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