yippieh ay hey, the summer is back!! at least it looks like this gonna be a bright sunny day and i have sunshine in my heart already ;)

soo, well, to the studio i should go, work on the comission print for the calendar, get scared again by the lurking hippie, hide behind the door, try to ignore all things disturbing. BUT. sun is shining. garden looks soo nice. birds are singing. bees are humming. flowers blooming. i could sit in the backyard next to the minipond and carve on that new signature stamp out of stone for my friend harry. plus! my little sister and her better half are coming for visit this afternoon. they go to see KISS live here in stuttgart (dunno where thatz coming from!). so... should i stay or should i go??

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Stay!!! Find inspiration in the garden . . . sunshine is good for your teeth--smile often! :-)

tinee hat gesagt…

thanks, lori ann! thats exactly what i did :D