the red robin print

5-color linocut print, cut earlier last year and after a few alterations finally printed in december 2008. numbered edition of 70 on creamy handmade kahari paper, A5 size. now available in shops!

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Allison hat gesagt…

Just stopping over from Dawanda to say hello... I have seen your work there and I must say that am quite a fan. Your shop is fantastic and I think I have something featured from your shop in just about every one of my pinboards. Viele Grüße aus Hamburg.

tinee hat gesagt…

nice to meet you, Allison! Thanks for yournice words, I will go and check your shop asap !!

Allison hat gesagt…

I would like to in the near future do a few posts about some Dawanda artists and would also like to mention your shop. Thanks for stopping by.

happybones hat gesagt…

habe dich gerade über flicker zufällig entdeckt. Deine Sachen finde ich ganz wunderbar. leider habe ich grade keine zeit selber sachen zu machen. ach ja, bin auch aus stuggi.
darf ich deinen blog bei mir verlinken?
grüsse, happybones