inside the fuchspanzers studio

this is thinned oil color on wood. my dear friend weiny gave me the little puppet. since its there, i had no need to finish the painting. consider it done!

this is a detail of an unfinished painting on canvas. i like this state so much, i don't dare to progress with my work on it. maybe i should leave it like this.

i spent the whole day in my bright and sunny studio, working on a little surprise for my big love. his birthday is next week and therefore i can't tell and show. psht! ;)

some of my friends from the studio area (an abandoned train station with old waggons as studios, i work in the old train station house, real messy, but mine!) came for a visit and lightened up my day. it has been a very inspiring day!

here are some impressions from the things on my studio wall...

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Unknown hat gesagt…

I say leave the bird painting alone. I love it just the way it is and you are wise to leave it.

Manati-Mum hat gesagt…

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Marichelle hat gesagt…

Tag... you're it!! http://lifeflix.blogspot.com/2008/03/tag-im-it.html
(hope you don't kill me!) -Marichelle