MAERZBLUETEN//charms + jewels

hi, my name is busy bee and i can't keep my hands still !

allright allright, i did it again: the little girl inside of me has to admit, that she has a slight weakness for all things GLITTER, not as bad as mariah carey (yak!), but .... some shimmer is just nice!
so yeah, i made this new earrings and bracelets with the pearls my sweet sister conny gave me for last years christmas. at night, when all the print work is done, i put out my fancy boxes full with shiny treasures, gold, pearls, beads and whatnot. its fun! this time i even made extra stamps for creating a matching gift card, so its a all inclusive, yet very exclusive package. every little lucky charm bracelet is delicately wrapped in a handfolded japanese orisue, a classic origami box, which was traditionally used for keeping the precious silk threads for the kimonos.
i have put those on my dawanda shop, there is category called "Maerzensangelegenheiten" whcih means something like " all things March" (!?), and i thought they fit in theier perfectly!

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