welcome spring!

my oh my, this has been a stormy weekend!! nonetheless the first narcissus started blooming today, right in the first days of march. so lovely!

yesterday i have been to munich to pick some of my artwork from a little gallery who did a show with me last year. afterwards j and me went to see the mark rothko show in the kunsthalle and, what can i say, his paintings are beautiful beautiful beautiful! sublime and inspiring. i wanted to start painting immediately and thats also why today i am hanging on my desk for hours already.
the only thing that really bothered me was the kunsthalle itself. the rooms are quiet nice actually, but the presentation of rothkos work- i don't know. too many paintings in one room, lot of concetration gets lost when you have to hover between all the audioguided art tourists, get distracted by screened life history and loud coffeehouse sounds from the lobby. to look at art has to be great entertainement today, spectacular, media enhanced etc pp. IT SUCKS! as if the paintings were not speaking for themselves. anyway, tomorrow i will go to the studio and paint!

today, i'll post some new fresh spring stuff in my shops! made this little notebooks with a lot of love for detail, hope somebody else will like them, too ..

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