yesterday i took a little walk in my home surroundings, before my head would explode and make a mess all over my desk. so i followed my favourite path: first i pass the cemetery, but did not enter, which i usually do. too much shadow, i wanted to stay in the sun, as its freaking cold at the moment. icy almost! then i circled the huge stammheim prison, a state penitentary that got its fame from the RAF terror processes in the 70ties. Its placed, whereelse, in the Land of SiebenMorgen and the favourite walking path leads around it. Its obscene! the path leads to another area called Emerholz and there are many many little gardens, full with apple and pear trees, little huts, blossoming bushes, magnolias, birches and evergreens. the birds love it there and once you blend out the distant sound of the autobahn, its like a concert of birds. finches, sparrows, crows, robins, the little blue tomtit which i love so much, happy squirrels runnig up and down the trees - for me its like fairytale. well, there are no barb wire fences surrounding the little paradises in fairytale land, but i just ignore them. people here have a strong need for security i guess or even more and simple, to build up a fence to be separated from the others. to show what is their ground. anyway, i liKe to walk around there, its an image for being home in land before time. even though you get suspicious looks if you jus stop to look and enjoy or if you pick up blossoms or whatever. maybe hey thing this girl is a creep, standing there for no purpose watching birds. or:uhhh, she's getting her shoes all dirty, tsts! well, on my way back i found next to horse court under an old apple tree the first little violets!! i could not believe my eyes, its very early and way too cold actually, but of course i could not resist and picked some. they smell sooo incredibly good! spring is here.

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