new in the shop!!

oi, times are busy! last week my little cousins anne and frederic came for a 5-day-visit, so i did not find to work on anything, even though i urgently should have, but - we had so much holiday fun with the kids, will post later about it... but NOW - here's something new for the shops:

i felt like the 'love is all you need' - postcard could need a little facelift, so i carved a new text stamp and altered the design a little. the lovebird now rests on a delicate twig, ready for take-off....what do you think?!

and here's the little BE birdie again, saying 'tschilp!'out loud (which equals 'chirp!' in german words) on a brandnew series of moleskines. theres also a different color version available, soon to be listed...

but right now, i have to go out in the heavy pouring rain ( i wonder where this comes from so suddenly) to get paper supplies from the shop on the other end of town. pffff. great time to go and buy and transport delicate japanese papers through that humid mess. for real, it did not stop raining for the last 40 hours or so, and the water is not just dripping, it's pouring!! monsoon in stuttgart! sucks. on the other hand, good reason to stay inside, at the homework desk, sip on green plum blossom tea and work quietly on new prints and papers. so i don't feel too bad about not going to the studio and not printing the missing numbers of the comission print edition. (which, by the way, i have submitted a week ago and which was very well received. yay!!!!)

have a lovely (and dry) day!

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MA hat gesagt…

I adore the "love is all you need' - so cute and so clever. Your work is lovely.