oh what a start in the day! this morning i went outside to enjoy my first cup of coffee, to water the plants and to be heavily shocked! i almost stepped on some little half naked bird baby, soon to be grilled by the burning sun. i called for j, who jumped out of bed, very alarmed (guess i had my"eek big spider"-voice) and still sleepy, but he saved the little fellow and put him back in the nest, where we found three other hungry guys waiting for worms. the poor bird parents, they freaked out! they look quiet anorexic, while the babies grow fat and fatter. no wonder one dropped out of the nest! but mombird and dadbird calmed down then and went back to the nest feeding. phew! i hope i pray they'll make it! it's the second nest in the garden, the first babies, born and raised in the elder tree, are teenagers already and steal all my strawberries! let's all hope they will have a happy and worm rich bird life ..

they can have all my strawberries.....

...and dip their toes in the minipond. i hope they can swim. no drowning please!

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littlebird hat gesagt…

oh i do hope they all make it : )