aight....yawn...i am ssoooO tired...worked like crazy the whole day, my fingers are numb, but here is some new stuff. i love the little panda!

and some vintage gift tags with funky fellow pedro the penguin!

what do you say?

5 Kommentare:

Die Schaubude hat gesagt…

Sehr schön die Anhänger und der Pingu ist so knuffig:-)
Kann ich dich verlinken? LG Tanja

littlebird hat gesagt…

i love the penguin tags, they look just perfect : )

bren hat gesagt…

i am in love with pedro and all of your little birds! do you create the artwork for all of your images?

tinee hat gesagt…

thank you all, lovely ladies, for your nice comments! i really appreciate ^_^

bren: yes, all these birdies live in my garden, EXCEPT pedro, of course (too hot here for his kind).
all the artwork and images are created in my little studio, by myself. pedro, for example, is a little rubberstamp i have cut last december, when it was more his weather...but i made him stay! ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

di pandas sind ja soo süß!