as i am not very creative today, just illin and chillin (harhar), i like you to meet some of my best friends: here you have mr. bunny, who i recently met at www.emeraldbumblee.dawanda.com, hosting a afternoon tea party for my bukubuku allstars and the weird frog.

in case you don't know bukubuku yet, here's a little story to tell: two winters ago i have met a little spanish girl with the most beautiful fawn-like eyes in my seasonal shop at the christmas market, near my studio. she came with all her amigurumi friends, sweet little brooches and whatnot and i was totally AMAZED how much love for the detail and respect for the material she gave to her handmade little treasures. i had so far never seen something like this before and so she totally got me addicted to cute stuff and, of course, her lovely work. the way she packs and wraps and treats her things are in a very japanese way . the wrapping is as worthy as its content. everything is just puuuurrrfect!! i fell in love with her ever since...
so, on this pic she has made the little pear bear and miss pinky fuzz, as well as the little chicken in his nest. she also got me into this blog thing and i thank her for that! please meet her at:


concerning the weird frog: my friend ute gave him to me. i guess he was crocheted by an old german lady at a charity basar, way before the word amigurumi was spread. but, yeah, the other crochet chreatures have accepted him for one of them. party on, guys!!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

YEEAAH!!! This is a cool picture! How happy they look all together! I sure wanna be in the next tea party! ^-^
Well, about blond and blue eyed... What can I tell you? You´re German, so you can´t understand... Jujuju! Thanks for your post, for mentioning me,smuuuaaack!
BTW, you like Mamegoma, eh?? Patience darling, patience...
Grösse Küsse!

PS: Put the map from clustrmaps in your blog, it´s just 5 mins. and you will like it!