I'm on it!!

Hello everybody!

It has taken quiet a while for me to become a blogger, and right now, finally it's done! Welcome to my first blog EVER :D

Let me introduce myself shortly: My name is Tinee, living and working in the south of Germany in a teeny tiny old house with little garden. And therefore I apologize in advance for any abuse of the english language, which is not my native one, but I am quiet used to the abuse of it (harhar) and am too lazy to post in 2 languages. Please let me know if this sucks! I am a fulltime artist, mainly into printmaking. My hands never stand still, it's a little maniac thing sometimes and I am always busy busy busy. But you all know, boredom is a major plague, so I constantly try to entertain myself! I write this blog to share some of this entertainement with you guys. I don't know how it happened that it came this far, but i guess it all started in my quiet nice childhood, when i rather stayed home reading or drawing and totally freaking out when my (still) sweet little sister crossed and ruined some of my drawings. Then I went to the fine arts school and this was when i seriously got infected with that dangerous art virus. I guess making art is more an attitude towards life than else. What else makes sense on this planet? I think a lot of contemporay art is quiet boring because it is so theoretical and self involved (like me, ha!). So I am more into a nostalgic way of things, i like to handmake stuff, give more respect to traditions and good craftsmanships, pay tribute to everdays beauty. To make a living of this is a huge challenge. Not only do you need to have great new fresh and sparkling ideas, but you also have to produce things, manage yourself, promote yourself, do your own marketing, plan your timetable and and and. Phhheww! For me it is mainly a question of how I want to spent my time. The older I get, the faster it runs. So, yeah, I spent most of my time creating. Everything I make is handmade from first step to the last. I am no good in anything digital. This is why some of my pics my might look quiet shabby ;(
Today is a gray rainy day, a good reason to stay inside, stroll the internet and later work on some new little fancy things.
so far so good. Thanks for following me so far and reading all this!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Welcome Kleooo!!! Yupiii, you´re a blogger!!! I´m gonna pass your adress to many crafters, yeah!!! Unfortunately, you cannot change the name/adress of the blog, but anyway it´s maybe the most convenient to relate with what you do, don´t you think? Yeah, you´ll see how many things we can do with the blog!!!