memo me! - card game

a few months ago, i needed a special birthday gift for a dear friend. she's a big fan of my handcarved stamps and always wants a printed thing from all of them, so i decided to make her a memory card game, which features the whole variety of my stamps. i had so much fun making these, trying out new combinations, new colors, patterns etc, that i decided to make some for the shops, too. it was quiet an effort, but i think they make a really nice and special gift, not really as a "serious" card game, but as a lovely collectible item for paper lovers and craft fanatics. and it's fun to play them, too!! so, here's the mini memo me! available in my dawanda shopette...

4 Kommentare:

Julie hat gesagt…

I love it!

belinda marshall hat gesagt…

such a great idea :)
tag game - would love to hear 6 of your traits if you'd like to share them!

bags'n style hat gesagt…

this is really lovely,
much much nicer than the "commercial" ones!!!
regards from sabine

Steffi hat gesagt…

Tolle Idee! Ich habe zufaellig deinen Blog gefunden.

Ich habe absolut keine ahnung wie man selber Stempel herstellt, aber ich wuesste gerne, wie du das machst oder mit welchen Materialie du arbeitest

Liebe Gruesse,