shopping on dawanda

the last weeks were, still are really busy! i am missing time to find muse and inspiration, to work on new things, to doodle myself away... instead commission work, organisation, bureaucratics are keeping me busy, but more about this next time... so TODAY, i want to share with you how i spoiled myself lately, here are some of my dawanda favs, hope you don't mind ... :D

i found this gorgeous purse in my dear friend tabea's shop borsellina. i LOVE the japanese fabric, pattern, the greens, reds and creamy colors on this. it's like made for me and even though my closet already is a borsellina branch office, i can't get enough of her bags and treats. apropos bags! there's a matching tote bag in her shop, too. you think i should get it?!

check out her dawanda boutique here or her webshop here

oh i LOVE this pretty drawing!! wish the original would be available. if i could pay it, though... this is the prettiest lucky goldfish ever by talented maki shimizu, a japanese artist in berlin. i discoverd her work earlier in a berlin shop called neurotitan, where i purchased other postcards from her amazing ukiyo-e, modern time woodcut prints. she also has a shop on dawanda. please check out makis shop
oh and this was on my mind way too long, since i discovered it on dawanda months ago - finally it's mine! i totally fits my actual needs for nest building ( oh dear wintertime!) and goes perfect with the new sofa. Screenprinted and handsewn of course, plus there's a whole series of cushions, which all together tell a sweet little story by lalitah

so good night all, sweet nesty dreams to all of you ^_^

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