june sweetness

phew, time flies when you are having fun!! hi guys and girls, finally i found some time to spend at my desk and decided to put out my stamps again. printing is so much fun! i really enjoy working again, no matter how little the worktime is... first i made these little notecards to send out as greetings with my shop orders, a little thank you to my lovely customers. plus i printed new designs on moleskines, cd covers, magnets...will post these soon!

in the meantime, the best thing to do is to enjoy some sweet and fresh strawberry cake, i could take a bath in em!! it's strawberry season...so eat them NOW! lots of them! munch away! xo

2 Kommentare:

Allison hat gesagt…

I am trying to eat as many strawberries as possible before the season ends... mmmmm.

sösdöasdöaäsd hat gesagt…

i really like the things you do! :)
and yes really, everyone should eat as many strawberries as possible! hehe