the *morgenwald* print

this linocut was inspired by a little, very very charming japanese woodcut print postcard a friend sent me a few years ago. i loved the little print so much that i wanted to make a big, poster sized version of it, to get a real landscape, panoramic print and test out my cutting skills, of course. so intersting structures! i have cut it for my own pleasure first then, and only printed some test sheets, some in combination with older gasometer prints of mine.
last december then, when i was printing the winterleuchten poster, i found the block again and in the mood for printing BIG STUFF , i thought this could make a nice poster print for friends of printmaking. So, this is now an edition of 25, available in my dawanda shop.

3 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

again so beautiful... would be perfect for a friend of miine, although i am not sure if he is worth it... ;)
i certainly have to think about it.

Allison hat gesagt…

This is a very nice design. Congratulations on your well deserved feature on Jodii... very nice interview.

P.S. I just saw your "all you need is love" print featured on the front page of Dawanda. Again congrats!

dickespaulinchen hat gesagt…

Wunderschön. Aber man friert beim Angucken, sieht aus wie zugeschneit-ist es das? Oder macht das bloss der Grauton? Jedenfalls ganz groß, wie alles von Dir :)
Gruß, Katharina