the gasometer print IV

these photos are from the last printing session in the studio. i have finally printed the last examples of the gasometer print, a commisson work i made for a stuttgart2009 calendar. remember, in july last year i was all busy with cutting and printing these...read more here
this 5 color linocut print in almost A2 size on handmade japanese kitakata paper was quiet a challenge and has cost me a lot of time and nerves. especially the last block with all the fine lines was very hard to print. i don't know if it would have been any easier with the use of a press, but pulling the prints by hand also allows a very accentuated and detailled way of printing. maybe the press would have smeared the fine lines in places i didn't want them to be..

i should post a better photo or scan of this anyway..

the calendar features 12 other stuttgart themed works by different well known artists from stuttgart and i am very thankful to be a part. unfortunately, the calendar was not available for public, but there's also a edition of 25 ( yes, 25 original hand pulled prints) available and from each print sold 70% go to the release art fund, which really is a good cause. if you are interested just send me a note or leave your comment...

by the way, spring is slowly crawling underneath the cold to southern germany, perfect weather to catch a cold, which, of course, i did too. never miss a trend ;)

wish you all nice beginning of the week..

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Matjes & Meise hat gesagt…

the. Was das wohl zu bedeuten hat?

Glückwunsch an das sehr beliebte Dawanda-Mitglied von Matjes & Meise!

tinee hat gesagt…

..das bedeutet ich hab zu schnell geklickert und somit auf zauberhafte weise weit vor fertigstelllung gepostet. jetzt ist der anhang zum the auch da.. ;)

Matjes & Meise hat gesagt…

Da bin ich aber froh, dass ich nicht die Einzige bin der das ständig passiert...

Gute Besserung!

Unknown hat gesagt…

again so beautiful... i am so impressed about the size of your print! Wow
wishing you a more lovely springtime wheather than today ;)

tinee hat gesagt…

tja, meisen an sich, hihi...danke, frau meise :D

yes, the print size was a real challenge, but so much fun! made me want to print more bigger formats... and get a press!
and btw, at the moment its hailstorming outside..:(