this was that: yardfestival 2008

what a blast! not only was the yardfestival a great success, big fun and harmony party, it also hit me with a cold, so i was not able to post anything until now. i want to thank everybody who was involved, who helped, all the volunteers, musicians, artists, organizers, guests and happy people!!

this year's festival was very peaceful and loving, but unfortunately a very tragic incident casts it's shadow over the happiness: on saturday morning a young man, who spent the night partying at the yard, was hit by a train on his way home. we are all very shocked and sad. our thoughts are with his family and friends.

the tower, built by aaron and weiny. madness in wood!!

the einkaufswaggon, e.g. the yard shop with my siebenmorgen stuff..

you find more photos from the yard here and more information in general here.

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