So, this is it! Tomorrow my long dreamed of vacation begins and i'll leave this desk and all my work behind for one week. Almost can't imagine! I'm so addicted!! We are going to Sardegna, see the ocean, the horizon, take walks in the wood, hop from rock to rock and build sandcastles on the beach! Phheeww. Eat grilled fish every night! Alone the outlook on this makes me feel very very tired. Today I really feel like being asleep with eyes wide open. It' s been a lot, tons of work the last weeks and months. this year so far has shown me life in all aspects, beauty, pain, super highs and super lows. at the moment, i would say i have a modest high, i really enjoy my time being. a lot! i love what i do and can spend 24/7 with my work. it's a good choice to spend your time like this! it pays off in so many lovely ways.... :)

so, THANKS to all the people, friends, family, you out there - who showed me love and respect during the last months, it's a bless!

Oh and - before I'm off to Sardegna, here are some pics of how i spent my time the last days:

in the studio, printing:
first, choose a print plate! here are some of my many linocut plates.

second, choose color. i use a transparent printing medium and mussini oil colors for printing. love this avocdo green! then print first two layers. i cut this circle of leafs yesterday.

blend more colors....
and there you go: new edition of tomtit prints! i am quiet satisfied with the test print results.

and then at the desk at home, still not outpowered enough, i thought i would be nice to make a new stamp. there was this little doodle of a rabbit in my sketchbook and i thought this would make a funny stamp. what do you think?

i already made him sit and stare in little collages and on my new moleskine. but enough posting for to day, now it's time for packing up my luggage. wish you all a happy week, see you soon, all freshed up :D

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Marichelle hat gesagt…

Oh I'm so jealous! I'm sure you're having such a wonderful time.

dickespaulinchen hat gesagt…

Hei, Du hast einen schönen Blog (schon abonniert ;-))!! Ich bin auch glückliche Besitzerin eines Deiner Vögelchen und freue mich, Dir ein bisschen über die Schulter schauen zu können. Verrätst Du mir, aus was Du die Stempel schnitzt? Ich schnitze auch ab und an einen aus Radiergummi, aber kann in D keine guten "Rohlinge" finden. Danke!
LG, Katharina

Penelope Boyd hat gesagt…

Hi, I'm new to your blog and I love your work. I'm wondering what you used to make your stamp?