why's da sky blue? - miniprint

last week i worked on new stamps and print plates and ruined quiet a few. somehow my hand was not as steady as it should be and the easiest things went wrong. at least, the last and most important stamp i made, late at night, cut very carefully, almost like a linocut, the little birdie above, came out just the way i wanted, even a little better! yay! i tried to give the lines a more calligraphic look, more edgy. they remind me a bit of comic style lines, like in a marvel comic..
anyway, i then used it as planned for a new edition of miniprints, made another stamp for the lettering and colored the little bird by hand with thinned ink- and here it is:

just asking! suggestions, anyone? ;)

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mymaki hat gesagt…

großartige arbeit! wunderhübsch. bei deinen kunstwerken bekomm' ich immer richtig lust auch mal wieder ein linolplättchen zu bearbeiten ;o)

:: liebste grüße vom maki