fridge magnets from siebenmorgen!

a brandnew souvenir! i had so much fun when i finally found out what to do with my moo stickers, which i have ordered with my first batch of moo cards last year and was not very impressed with. well, if you know the original print of e.g. the blue tomit, there's no comparison to the teeny tiny moo sticker print. another disturbing thing was how they were arranged on the sticker sheets, in no good order, colorwise, motif wise. should have thought of this before ordering...they were not ideal as stickers. ANYWAY, while shopping for supplies some weeks ago, i found that magnet foil in the store and thought - aha! that might be something. So i rearranged, tried it out and thats the result!
it's the first time i sell something NOT handprinted, but reproduced and i hesitated quiet a long time before listing them in my shop. but i like the whole package so much, i think its a nice little, collectible souvenir from siebenmorgen. what do you think?

3 different sets available in my dawanda shopette.
made only 2 of each.

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marga.marina hat gesagt…

..die sind ja besonders hübsch geworden!

liebe grüße